Simply put, BPO is the strategic reassignment of non-core business tasks.

By outsourcing the essential but time-consuming processes that don’t directly affect your bottom line, you will be freed up to focus on what matters most: managing, strategizing and expanding your business and customer base.

At TruNet, we specialize in providing top-class BPO services for large commercial property management companies.

What do BPO services entail?

The answer is almost infinite. For a skilled and experienced BPO provider like TruNet -- if you desire to outsource any of your business processes, chances are we can match you up with a suitable provider to handle those tasks smoothly and efficiently.

Here is a sample of the types of back-office business processes that you can quickly and easily outsource and see immediate positive impact.

Administrative Services

  • Drafting, reviewing and filling of agreements, RFPs/bids and contracts
  • Onboarding/new owner account setup
  • Processing fees and collections
  • Data entry
  • Invoicing


  • Serving as a liaison for your vendors
  • Managing the flow of work orders, invoices and notices
  • Serving as a single point of contact between you and all of the care providers/vendors that deliver your day-to-day services

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your management company is a prime candidate for business process solutions.

Interested? Let us know what tasks take too much of your time. From there, we’ll discuss how TruNet can help you focus on the core tasks that serve your business best -- not the tedious ones that require too much of your time with little to no direct impact to your bottom line.